Our Mission

Fueled by a commitment to superior craftsmanship, Downing Frames operates under the principle that every work of art deserves an enclosure that not only will protect it, but also complement and complete it.

At Downing Frames, the frame is seen as a fortified extension of the artwork – a shelter that does not delimit the power of the piece within, but instead offers it to the world in perfect, finished form.

Clint and the team at Downing Frames work closely with every artist, curator, and collector to custom design every frame to work in perfect harmony with the artwork it will contain.

Specializing in hand-made frames and custom finishes, all employees at Downing Frames have been trained in conservation framing practices and use only the highest quality archival materials. No matter how small or large the job, each client and piece receives the same excellent care and attention.


Selected Clients